Where did competitive intelligence come from? (Part 4)

January 22, 2013


Continuing on my discussion of where CI came from, I want to call attention to a new book, Competitive Intelligence, Analysis and Strategy: Creating Organisational Agility. In it, Dr. SheilaWright has provided something of a long view of the historical context of the origins of competitive intelligence, tracing it back over 5000 years – all in the space of less than one page. (p.2) She also provides a substantial list of references.

 Among her references, she mentions a piece that I have not previously read: “Tracing the Origins of Competitive Intelligence throughout History”[1]. If you have not read this either, click and do so. It is very interesting, blending military and civilian intelligence. For an entertaining, interactive timeline associated with this article, please visit Loughborough University’s “Timeline of Historical Incidences Related to Competitive Intelligence”. In it you can see more on the contributions of the Crusades, court eunuchs, and Nathan Rothschild to CI. I’ll bet you did not think the history of CI was so sexy!

[1]A.S. Juhari and D. P. Stephens, Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management, 2006, 3(4), 390-400.

2 Comments on “Where did competitive intelligence come from? (Part 4)”

  1. Babette Bensousan says:

    Thanks John – have not read the article either. Looking forward to it.

  2. […] written a couple of blogs on the origins of competitive intelligence and probably will add to them in the future. However I would like to offer a thought about the […]

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