Who do you trust?

November 14, 2013

 In my last blog, I pointed to the late Tom Clancy and the story that US naval intelligence wanted to find out how he got his information for his novels. In reply, one of my readers indicated he felt this was an urban legend – and gave us his source. Good point and well presented.

The Clancy Los Angeles Times obituary and the one in the New York Times seem to support the story that I related that has circulated for years (See, for example, one version in Moviefone.com).

However, and this is a lesson for all of us involved with competitive intelligence, just because you read it in a usually reliable source doesn’t guarantee that it is it true. And just because, in one version or another, it is repeated in or supported by what appear to be other reliable sources still doesn’t guarantee that it is true. That could just a case of false confirmation.

It is only true if and when you have confirmed it to be true. And, by the way, just because I say it is true still doesn’t make it true. Always check for yourself. That is real confirmation.

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