The Big Picture (4 of 7)

Our newest book, Competitive Intelligence Rescue – Getting It Right, has several cases that highlight issues in creating or adding a new competitive intelligence unit. In our experience, there are usually 7 major elements involved in either process:

  • financial and personnel
  • guidelines
  • training
  • internal marketing
  • networking
  • customers and their needs, and
  • products and feedback.

To help you see the big picture, I will deal briefly with each issue over time. I have already discussed the financial and personnel issues, guidelines and training. One of the cases in Competitive Intelligence Rescue – Getting It Right highlights issues in marketing CI to employees and officers. Here are a couple of high-level issues:

  • Internal marketing of CI is critical to the development of a top CI program that supports critical decisions and has, and maintains, the support of the entire organization. Support means that the CI program has both needed time and funding on a continuing basis.
  • This requires that management provide access to all employees, particularly to senior management and the sales force, as a part of its, hopefully, enthusiastic support.
  • Marketing involves educating all employees not just internal customers, about CI and its role in decision-making at the organization. This will foster the development of cooperation from customer-facing employees, potentially a great source off raw data, and a continuing by-in by management. It also can help to block management requests that, unknowingly, might force CI data collectors to cross ethical or even legal lines.
  • Internal marketing also makes it easier to develop internal networks, something I will cover later. It encourages the generation of important bits of data from employees who “never knew that anyone was interested in that”.
  • Finally, it serves to alert all employees and officers to the existence of CI efforts being used against them, making defensive efforts easier to start and maintain.

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  1. […] I have already discussed the financial and personnel issues, guidelines , training  and internal marketing. […]

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