Maybe Someone is Paying Attention

Bloomberg Businessweek recently ran an article on Adidas’ new factory. [1] It is described as a “super factory” aimed at letting Adidas make its footwear in high-cost, developed economies, instead of contacting work out to suppliers and assemblers in China, Vietnam and other lower labor cost countries. The article, in an aside, noted that Adidas could gain an additional benefit if this project works out:

“Adidas gains the added benefit of keeping the latest trends and ideas in-house rather than sharing them with suppliers.”

Axiomatic: In competitive intelligence, the fewer people that have access to competitively sensitive data, the harder it is for competitors to gather it.

[1] “Adidas Automates to Make Shoes Faster, Bloomberg Businesssweek, October 8, 2017, p. 17-18.

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