The Big Picture (6 of 7)

November 14, 2017

As I have noted, in our experience, there are usually 7 major issues involved in creating or adding a new competitive intelligence unit. They are

  • financial and personnel
  • guidelines
  • training
  • internal marketing
  • networking
  • customers and their needs, and
  • products and feedback.

I have previously discussed the financial and personnel issues, guidelines , training, internal marketing, and networking issues earlier in this blog.

Several of the cases in Competitive Intelligence Rescue – Getting It Right, our newest book, deal with managing internal customers and their needs, as does chapter 5 in Bottom Line Competitive Intelligence. Here are a couple of the key high-level issues in that process:

  • Who are your customers? Who else should be customers?
  • What do they really need? How does that differ from what they say they need?
  • How are you helping your customers determine their needs? Small investments here can pay big dividends in the long run.
  • How good is your direct access to your customers? How can you improve that?

Also check out this past blog – Ten Things Outside CI Consultants Do Not Want to Deal With.

One Comment on “The Big Picture (6 of 7)”

  1. […] in that process: financial and personnel, guidelines, training, internal marketing, networking, customers, and their needs, and products and feedback. For those who would like to transition from DIY to […]

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