Confirmation Bias

December 12, 2017

Last night on the Fox News Show “The Five”, Greg Gutfeld, one of the hosts, commented on recent instances of US media, including CNN, having to retract or correct stories about President Trump. One of his observations was that some in the news media suffered from “confirmation bias”. That is these reporters or editors were, to his point of view, tending to interpret the information that they received in a way that was confirming their own pre-existing anti-Trump beliefs.

His suggestion, as I recall it, went something like this (my words not his):

When a reporter comes across a story that his or she just knows must be true, that is the time to stop and do everything in the reporter’s power to try and prove it wrong. That is the way to deal with the possibility of confirmation bias.

Now substitute the word “analyst” for “reporter”. Think about it.

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